First Presbyterian:  Church on the Edge
5555 South Washington, Grand Forks, North Dakota, (701) 775-5545, email:

Our Mission Statement

As followers of Jesus Christ, we will nurture a Christian community that

Our Priority

We're G R O W I N G disciples of Jesus who...

GROW in God's love through...

  • weekly worship
  • regular group, family and personal study

CARE for one another through...

  • daily prayer
  • friendships in our church community

RESPOND to the needs of the world through...

  • service in and beyond First Presbyterian
  • generous giving

Our Core Values

We will show God's love in our life together and in our lives in the wider community.

We welcome all people of all ages and all circumstances.

Every person is encouraged to participate fully in the life of this church regardless of age, circumstance, or church membership.

We treat people with respect and dignity.

We expect people to act honestly and with integrity in all area of their lives.

We will devote significant energy and resources to ministries which help other people.

We express joy in all of life as a sign of God's joy in all creation.

We will grow and change individually and as a community of faith as part of our journey with God.

We will equip and encourage people to use their gifts to the best of their ability.

We will value every person's gifts and encourage all people to work together in teams.

Our Bedrock Beliefs

God's people are called to use their abilities and their resources to do God's work in the world today.

God created the universe in love and placed human beings within it to enjoy and to care for creation.

In Jesus Christ, God calls all people to new life. Christ's life, death, and resurrection are the means of God's reconciliation with all people.

The life of Christ is the model for the lives of God's people.

The Holy Spirit empowers us to live as God's people.

The Bible tells the story of God's people in history in such a way that it becomes God's Word to God's people today. All tools of scholarship are welcome as we seek understanding from the scriptures.

Worship, study, and service are the foundations of the Christian life.

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