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Endowing: Giving today for a better tomorrow

What your Gift Will Do
Mobilize Mission groups to do their work helping others within our community and around our globe.
Gives us the ability to loan ourselves money to pay down debt incurred via natural disasters (such as Flood of '97).
The Forever Fund provides scholarships each year for youth who attend camps and conferences. Youth experience the love of God in a caring community that shows how FUN it is to be a Christian. No one comes home from camp the same, and often, lifelong services begin around the campfire.
Through the Forever Fund, Maurice Nappen established an account so that income would benefit youth activities in the church. Early receipts funded the church playground and volleyball court.
Those who are unable to attend worship because of age or illness receive a CD of the worship service every week in the mail. Forever Fund income makes this ministry possible. Volunteers record and duplicate the CDs, and Bill Crow and Jerry Schue mail out the CDs.

How To Give

The First Presbyterian Church has been a spiritual force in Grand Forks for over 125 years. The Forever Fund endowment was created to continue this heritage for future generations. It was designed so members and friends can help build long-range financial stability for First Presbyterian. You can choose any of these gifts:

In order to take into account your particular personal financial circumstances, you are encouraged to act on these methods of giving only after you have consulted your attorney, accountant, or other financial advisors.

Then, contact a member of the Forever Fund Committee: Don Hariman, Lyle Oeschle, Chris Lander, Terry Brenner, Patrick Schultz , Rody Schultz, and Bill Crow.


Forever Fund Lifetime Membership recognizes those who have given or made known an intention to give the Forever Fund $1,000 or more. Members will:

Be recognized in the church annual report the year the gift is made.

Receive a certificate of Forever Fund membership.

Meet annually to be recognized and kept informed on the direction of the church and its missions.

Growing the 2025 Forever Fund to $1 million

Be part of the 2025 Campaign--Pay It Forward!

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